Saturday, February 04, 2006

(My favorite part of the trip!)

My favorite part of the trip was the snow festival. It was amazing! I think it was a lot more artistic than the ice festival. I was disappointed that the sky was grey instead of blue. I wasn't able to capture how beautiful the sculptures really were. I think if there had been more of a contrast between sky and snow it would have helped. Perhaps I will go again next year with Rob and try again. I took quite a few pictures and would have taken more if it hadn't been so cold. I was having trouble pushing the button on the camera because I lost all feeling in my hand. If I hadn't had hand warmers in my gloves I think I would have given up completely given up on taking pictures.
In addition to sculptures there were, of course, giant snow buildings. I climbed up the stairs of the Japanese style building and got a view from the top. It wasn't as difficult to climb the stairs here as it was to navigate those at the ice festival. Here they had boards covered with red carpet going up the stairs rather than just the slippery ice.