Sunday, July 22, 2007

Justin gets into EVERYTHING now that he is mobile. Nothing seems to be off limits if it is within his reach. He has even mastered the art of getting into the lower drawers. Fortunately, it takes awhile since they are heavy. That doesn't seem to be enough for my baby though. He has decided that since he is seven months old he should be walking. I have TRIED explaining to him that really he should be happy with crawling. He just won't listen. He tries to stand up in the middle of the room and is unsuccessful. He has decided that while continuing to practice this skill he should give in and use objects to pull up. He hasn't figured out that he needs to keep at least one hand holding on for support at all times since he hasn't figured out the whole balance thing yet. His quest for being upright has made my life much more difficult. I spend a lot of time being his spotter. Here is a picture of him two days before he turned seven months old. It was the second time he pulled himself up to the bed. He let go when he saw me with the camera. Oops! He fell to the floor with a very loud thud as the back of his head smacked down hard. I have accepted that it is a WHEN and not an IF that my Monster Baby will need stitches. I hope that it is not in China though. Not too much longer for him to hold out.

Here is also a (not so flattering) picture of me with Muzz in our matching pants/shorts.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Eating and Playing

Well, guess my baby has a bit to learn about eating. He has the wrong end of the spoon in his mouth. I guess that is the least of our eating problems for now. Food gets everywhere. He seems to take delight in spraying me with whatever it is he is eating. He looks so nice and clean in the before picture. That never lasts long.

Here is another pic of him playing with his toy train. It is the coolest toy. Rob and I enjoy it almost as much as he does.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Justin Cares for Baby Bob

Here is Monster Baby tending to his very own Baby Bob. Baby Bob makes a rattling sound when you shake him. I wonder if my baby would make a rattling noise if I shook him. Baby Bob sets a bad example of shakng babies. Other than that, Baby Bob is a good example for Justin. He doesn't cry or get into things he shouldn't. he doesn't seem to be reaching any milestones though...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Crawling and Sitting

July 6, 2007
This is the date when I decided that Monster Baby could officially crawl. When he can get away from me and into the next room on his own there is no "maybe" about whether or not he is moving. Here are a couple of crawling clips, neither is very exciting. My baby does not cooperate.

July 12, 2007
This is the day I decided Monster Baby could sit. Funny since babies should sit well before they crawl. Sitting doesn't get him anywhere, so he really isn't interested in it. It took awhile to get him positioned. I had to get him sitting first. He kept arching his back and trying to get out of the sitting position until I collected a half dozen toys to distract him. I don't know what the official sitting criteria is, but today he managed to sit for over 10 minutes. In my book, that counts and isn't just a fluke. Note the empty coke bottle in the picture. It is one of his favorite toys.
Last (and probably least) is a clip that was made trying the quick capture feature on youtube. I will have to try again sometime and see if there was some sort of problem because the quality is REALLY poor. It does show off his cute laugh though.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy 4th of July
Poor Rob had to go to a work related 4th of July "party" today. Justin and I got to hang out at home. We did get some pictures of Dad and Justin in his 4th of July outfit. Aren't my guys cute?
I have some statistics from Justin's six month check up. He is 8.1 kg (about 18 pounds: 60th percentile) and 69.5 cm (about 27.5 inches: 80th percentile)
Rob and I both weigh more than we would like. We won't share those numbers with you though.