Monday, April 05, 2010

Will I Ever Sleep?

Towards the end of March, Ryan was not sleeping well at all. No new teeth appear to be coming in. Most times he would wake up I could find no real reason. Sure there was the occasional (too frequent in my mind) loud nice that would wake him up, but most of the time I had no idea why he would decide to scream instead of sleep.
I have always believed that Ryan has the potential to be a good sleeper. While things like crying it out didn't work for Justin, I felt that Ryan was different. Unfortunately, to allow him to do this disturbs Justin. It is bad enough to have one of them up in the night, but to start a cycle where both of them are up and cranky is more than I was willing to handle. This past week Ryan finally pushed me to the point of trying the cry it out method with him.
Now Justin would cry and cry until he would either throw up or he would fall asleep pulled up to the bars in the crib, fall over, and then wake up again. Ryan likes to fling his body around violently. He will hit his head or manage to hurt himself and get bruised up. I didn't care. I was going to let him scream his high pitched, blood curdling, I-am-going-to-die scream. Ten minutes later, there was a loud crash followed by brief silence and then continuation of the screaming. TB mastered the art of climbing out of his crib.
Because he has been such a climber, this probably shouldn't be such a surprise. He has always been too zoned out in his crib to try it. Often in the night he would stand in the crib and face the wall while calling for me. Sometimes he would just be in there sitting, too groggy to even get his balance. No longer! We have graduated to a toddler bed now, like it or not.
The first night was very rough. By the third and fourth night, things weren't so bad. He may choose to initially fall asleep on the floor rather than his bed, but he does fall asleep. I sit in the room until he doses off. Ryan has only gotten up once for each of the past two nights. J
Unfortunately, now it is Justin's turn to not sleep. He got me up FOUR times on Saturday night and three times last night. Half the time I can't understand what he is saying. Last night he told me that he wanted his mommy. Uh-huh. I told him I was Mommy and that seemed to satisfy him so he could go back to sleep for awhile. Tiny also sometimes cries in the night and will then push me away and call for Mommy. These boys just have sleep issues. Great. By the time they start sleeping well regularly, I will probably no longer be able to sleep for more than a couple of hours at a time. L
Is it a wonder that I am in such a brain fog half of the time?

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Religious Confusion?

I had been trying to explain to Rob where something was in Namibia and of course he knows street names and I know landmarks.  I thought that the white and baby blue mosque would be a good landmark he would know, but it wasn't.  Only fair I guess since it turns out the street is Sam Nujoma, a major street here.  I should have know that, but I digress...
Islamic Center and Quba Mosque, Windhoek

     As we were approaching the intersection, I pointed out the small corner grocery store that carries limes and fresh cilantro as well as a few other hard to find things.  Justin noticed the mosque and wanted to know what it was.  I told him that it was a mosque, a kind of church.  He wanted to go to that church.  I tried to explain to him that there are lots of different churches and that this church was not ours, it was for Muslims.  All of this, of course, going over his head.
He insisted that he is a Muslim.  I told him that he was not.  He became upset with me and said that I called him a Muslim when we lived in Japan.  This had me quite puzzled.  I could not think of why he would think that.  Seemed pretty random to me.  I could not come up with any possible scenario in which I would call him a Muslim.  He had to clarify for me. 

"Mom, you used to call me the Muslim when I was little!"  That statement was enough to help me figure it out.  Justin's nickname for a long time was Muzz or The Muzz.  His memory, connections, and misunderstandings amaze me.  What a sweet little Muzz he is. :)