Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Back in the USA

I have been back in the States for almost a month. I spent a week at my parents' house before taking off for Portland, OR to visit my brother and his family. He and his wife have three boys under six years old and they are VERY busy boys. The pictures, however, do not show that. The oldest two just LOVE the baby and would talk to her, sing to her, play pat-a-cake with her, and even got their picture taken with her (or at least my belly). The youngest one liked to kick the baby a lot when I would hold him, so he often ended up on the floor. I did get him to sleep once. I guess I made a comfortable pillow.
After a week in Portland I returned to my parents house. I rested up for a week before my brother and his family came out here for Thanksgiving. Busy boys around me once again! They really can wear a person out, especially a pregnant person who is 45 pounds heavier than she used to be.
It has been good to see family and to reintroduce my body to junk food! I have enjoyed Krispy Kreme doughnuts, pop tarts, toaster streudels, pies, chips and dip, Breyer's ice cream, typical Thanksgiving feast food, sour patch kids, and many other WONDERFUL things I didn't have in China. I have been able to eat at such gourmet restaurants as Wendy's, Taco Bell, Carl's Jr, and IHOP.
There is a lot more shopping too. My husband has noticed that I am spending more money here than I did in China. I can't imagine how much I would spend if I felt better! I thought shopping would be more fun, but somehow needing to go to the bathroom every little while takes a lot of the fun out of shopping. I also feel like a big cow moving through the stores and don't want to look at anything that isn't at eye level. Bending over makes me need to puke. (Yes, I am eight months pregnant and STILL puking a couple of times a day.)
I need to get so much stuff for the baby. It seems like an endless list of things that she will need. I thought looking at things would be fun, but it is overwhelming. I went to Babies R Us when I was in Portland. There were WAY too many pregnant women or people with small children trying to shop while perky sales people smiled and easily moved around the store. Too many choices there for me, plus not a convenient location. I left with only a diaper bag and a few ideas.
Now that I am back in the US and could actually spend time in the stores, I find that online is easier. I spend a lot of time looking at and wishing that they had all the things that they have in the store online. I want some things that are in the store, but don't have energy to go get the little registry zap gun to add the things to my registry that I can't add online. I suppose that is okay as it is mostly for me anyway. I am hoping that I haven't accumulated too much pink stuff for a baby that is most likely a girl. She could still decide to surprise us and come out a he instead. Then the baby and I would spend his first little bit of life making returns/exchanges.
Well, Baby is hiccuping yet AGAIN. My stomach is jumping around all over the place. Sigh. I hate when she gets the hiccups. It quickly went from cute to most annoying. I am hoping that she is born a little early, preferably BEFORE Christmas!