Saturday, April 02, 2016

Spring Break in Egypt (Part 6, Final Section!)

We enjoyed a felucca ride on the Nile. It was a nice day with enough wind so we could move but not so much that we were cold.

Justin was unhappy that life jackets were not required. He was happy to see that they were on the boat and even happier when he and Ryan had them on.

This was our boat, the African Queen

Banana Island-We got off for a short walk to see the bananas and have a snack.

Rows and rows of banana trees

Ryan and Nile crocodile

Justin's turn with the croc.

Justin being a monkey on Banana Island

Ryan relaxing

My view of the sail 

Controlling the sails

Not the only ones out on such a beautiful day.

And back to the hotel and then the airport for our flight to Cairo

Spring Break in Egypt (Part 5)

Uh oh. I gave Justin and Ryan cameras to help keep them occupied and now I have all of the Temple of Karnak and Temple of Luxor all mixed together.  I need to sort them out, but here they are all jumbled for your viewing pleasure. The boys took hundreds of pictures, many of people's rear ends.  I did not include any of their sillier shots.
Justin with his tongue out.  I need to learn to photoshop his face because he has a tendency to thing sticking out his tongue in family shots is hysterical.

Enjoying having cameras. I wish I had thought of it earlier in the trip. Guess what I am buying the boys before our next vacation?

My cute Justin

Everything was just so HUGE!

Isn't Ryan a cutie?

Rows and rows of "stuff" that I guess they need to go through. Some of it was more interesting looking than others.