Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Do you think he looks any different with glasses? I think they make him look older and more distinguished. He has a lot of fun with them. It also took away from how desprately he needed a haircut.

Today we got that haircut. He screamed the ENTIRE time. I had to use my legs to keep him seated on my lap and my hands held his head in place. Grandma was in charge of his arms and upper body. Truly a horrible experience. I don't know what his problem was.
I also bought a stroller than I can use with him and Spare. Of course Justin insisted on helping me. He loves tools. Thanks to Papa he knows hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and a few others. It took a lot longer to get it together with his special help. At least it kept him occupied.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is the first year we have carved pumpkins with Justin. At first he did not want anything to do with the pumpkin guts. He slowly started exploring the inside of the pumpkins with his little scoops. Eventually, he really got into the spirit of it all. In fact, some might say he got a little too involved towards the end. We had expected a mess and Justin did not disappoint.

Check out the video for a one sided food fight.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I haven't updated the blog for awhile. Nothing too exciting going on. I continue to feel miserable. Justin continues to grow and change everyday. As he is able to say and do more and more, he seems to get more demanding.

Justin gets upset when we don't understand what he is saying. A lot of times it would be easier if he would just say one or two words clearly instead of 'hiding' them in a bunch of garbled nonsense. Sometimes even when I understand all the words I still don't understand what he wants. The other day he told me, "I want Cho pumpkin." Cho is my brother's nickname, so basically he was telling me he wanted my brother's pumpkin? That doesn't make much sense. Haven't seen my brother since July. He lives in Portland and I have no idea if he has a pumpkin yet or not. I tried getting our pumpkins and that was NOT right. My screaming monster child took me into the bedroom, climbed on the bed, went over to the shelf, and pulled down a photo album. Guess what pictures were in the album? Pictures of my brother and his family at the pumpkin patch. Poor Justin! Why doesn't his silly mommy understand what he means?

Here are some fairly recent pictures of Justin.

I don't know where he thinks he is going. Seems like he is missing something. He loves that backpack.

The little artist. He likes crayons better than markers because he hates getting the marker ink on his hands.

Rough night. Better just watch some cartoons and chill with the morning milk.

Chocolate pudding is yummy! I wonder why Mommy and Grandma insist that I wear a bib?

Crossword puzzles and Sudoku help keep your mind sharp!

Justin loves to sing. He often will sing the alphabet song, just not when I want him too. He is a stubborn little guy.

Justin loves to sort things. Here he is sorting some of his Dora playing cards.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Oops! Looks like I forgot to post some pictures of Justin's trip to the beach. He LOVES Lake Coeur d'Alene. Since we had a stretch of weather in the upper 80s and lower 90s in mid September, we took advantage of the beach. It was great with school already in session. It wasn't crowded and Justin had a blast in the water and out. I feel a little guilty that we didn't go again this week. The weather has been in the 80s, but by this weekend it is supposed to be in the mid 50s. Even though poor Grandma ends up doing most of the work and we stay for just under an hour, trips to the lake wear me out. It is nice how much lighter I feel in the water though.

Hopefully Justin will enjoy Fall. Today he was lecturing one of the trees out front. He had some leaves in his hand and was waving them up at the tree. I couldn't make out most of the words, but I did get leaf, down, grass, mess, and tree. He sure let that tree know his feelings!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

It's True! Seven "Eight" Nine!

Justin is only 21 months old, but he seems to think he has a sense of humor. Lately when he counts, he skips the number nine. If I don't comment, he will go back a bit and repeat, "8, 10, 11, teen..." over and over. He seems to like the teens, but doesn't know them. After 10 comes 11 and then either 13, 17, or just a mumble with teen after it. I don't know why this drives me crazy, but it just does. Probably because he repeats it over and over and I feel he must know it bugs me. I don't care when he is counting cars or other objects and double counts some of them, but this skipping nine gets to me. I suppose part of me is wondering if it will become a habit and he will eventually lose nine completely. I know, who cares. I can worry about that later.

He is also continuing his "Mommy poopies" commentary. Thank you extra iron pills that make Pregnant Mommy even gassier. He points out my gas and his, why not focus on someone else for a change? Give a poor puking woman a break.

I haven't ever taken a Lamaze class or anything. With Justin I figured that women have been giving birth for a long time and the baby would come out whether I had a class or not. Plus being away from Rob means I would need a coach. Maybe for this kid I could have Justin be my coach. He really likes the word PULL better than PUSH, but I am sure he would be more than happy to yell PULL MOMMY over and over while trying to lead me by the hand to play matchbox cars or something. If Rob doesn't make it for the birth of #2 maybe Justin could even cut his brother's cord. Wouldn't he feel so special and included?

#2 hasn't even been born yet and already my two boys are at odds with each other. Justin loves to push on my ever-growing belly. That ticks off Spare and he will push back. Justin doesn't like having his back support move, so he retaliates. I hate being in the middle of fighting siblings. I can't even tell them to knock it off. Right now Justin would be the only one I could send away. Spare goes where I go. Is it December yet? At least once I pop this puppy out my bladder won't be used as a punching bag anymore.