Monday, May 28, 2007

Is this supposed to be good?

Sunday was Justin's first attempt at solid food, if you can call 1 part rice cereal to 4 parts breast milk a SOLID food. We got it all on video, unfortunately we are continuing to experience technical difficulties getting our camcorder and computer to talk to each other. These pictures will have to do. He didn't dislike eating, but seemed a bit confused by the process or the taste or something. When he tired of the whole spoon thing, I put the rest of the cereal in his bottle. That seemed to be a hit. It was the first time he ever held a bottle, not that he gets a lot of opportunity. We'll see how he does with the cereal by the end of the week.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Still Not Crawling

Sorry the light is poor. It makes it hard to see very well. (I need to have Rob check out why I can't get the camcorder hooked up to the computer. It should work better than the digital camera for video clips.) There isn't much to see though. Justin gets camera shy and doesn't like to perform. Rob is trying to coax Justin with a favorite toy. Justin really wants to crawl, but he gets frustrated easily. He seems to get frustrated even faster if he knows Mom or Dad is there and could be helping him (or feeling sorry for him). I look forward to him succeed so he isn't so cranky. Of course that will make my job even harder. This Monster Baby doesn't believe in sleeping. At least right now he can't get very far when I put him down.

Here he is again. I thought that the cow would motivate him. As you can see he gets distracted by the things around him-- the blanket, his hands, his spit, the light on the camera... Maybe he would have been better off with clothes on. He loves being naked (or mostly naked). That is entertaining in and of itself.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Baby Sitting

Justin is slowly working on sitting unsupported by anyone or anything. He still leans forward quite a bit and can't maintain his position for very long. It isn't something we have been trying to get him to do really and he isn't as interested in sitting as he is standing (with his hands being held) or trying to crawl. I think he looks cute. He did pretty well for the video clip, especially since it is on a bed and not a hard flat surface. In the first picture I think it looks like I superimposed his head on a body.

In keeping with the theme of baby sitting, Justin had his first non-family member babysitter yesterday. Seth watched Monster Baby so Rob and I could go out to dinner without carrying around a tired, cranky baby. Two hours away from him was kind of nice. Fortunately he was well behaved and slept most of the time for Seth. He did, however, wake me at 4:30 this morning. Guess he missed me. Here he is with poor Seth who humored me and let me take a picture.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Florida Baby

Here are some pictures of Justin wearing the outfit his Aunt Ann got him in Florida when she and her family were there last December. Isn't he cute? Luckily the weather is warm enough for him to wear it before he outgrows it. This baby keeps outgrowing his clothes! I think the little visor hat is adorable. He tolerates it. His sunglasses would have been a nice touch, but that would have been pushing it.

Wirrie the Pooh?

You may need to click on the picture to enlarge it in order to tell that Justin is the proud owner of a Wirrie Pooh towel. He seems to like Winnie the Pooh and when we were out and saw this towel he smiled at it and "talked" to it like he does to the Pooh on his wall. Evidently he wasn't suspicious of its authenticity even though I am pretty sure an officially licensed product would have Winnie spelled correctly. It would likely cost more than $2 and we paid about $1.75 for it. Not sure why Pooh is holding a basketball either...

Justin is wearing an official Aunt Meredith onesie that she made for him. At first I didn't want him to wear them because I was afraid he would ruin them. He has stained some of them, but at least he is getting some use out of them before he outgrows them. He is getting bigger each and every day!

Friday, May 11, 2007

I blend in with what is around
Which makes it harder to be found.
Who am I?
Are you a baby chameleon?
YES! Love me!
Okay, so chameleons change color for many reasons and not because of what is around them, but I had to make a mama riddle. If you are not a family member you probably think that I am just sleep deprived and insane. That might be true (and even family members might think that) but it could just be that you don't understand the fun of the mama riddles as started by my sister the ever funny and talented Miss Meredith A Bak. At least you get to see a picture of my cute Monster Baby. :)

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Flying Pooh

No, we were not at the zoo having monkeys toss their feces at us. We were walking home from buying chicken (the boneless, skinless breast kind, not the diseased little chicks they are selling along side baby turtles) and there were several vendors selling balloons in the park. Muzz had been so well behaved on our trek and was in need of a little amusement. It cost 36 cents, so I figure it was well worth it. He enjoyed it the rest of the day and now today he continues to get joy. Pooh is tied to a teddy bear so he can't fly away, but he is getting kicked at regular intervals. Hope he finds it as funny as we do.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Getting to Know You...

After being apart for three months, we are finally a family again. Being apart was rough, but that's the way it is sometimes. Now my husband and my son are getting to know each other. Rob last saw Baby J at age 1 month. A four month old is very different than a newborn! They are adjusting to each other and it is cute to watch my two boys.

J often gets stuck being moved from room to room as I work around the house. I took his high chair and strapped it to a rolling chair instead of a standard chair and push him around with me. This must be a fairly original idea as the instruction manual does not specifically say not to put it in a rolling chair. Maybe they will have to update because I am sure there is some sort of danger to it. However it is very convenient. Not only is he easy to move, but he is at a good height to watch me and I can just turn the chair so he can see me when I move across the room. Here he is in the kitchen.Here he is in the dining room.