Sunday, February 23, 2014

February 23, 2014

Last week, Rob and I took turns with the illness both boys had previously had.  Not fun.  I don't like having a fever and aching and just generally being miserable.  Not a whole lot happened that week.  The boys got extra wii and tv time and could do pretty much whatever they wanted when they were home from school.  Valentines Day was a non-event.  Justin and Ryan did get quite a haul from Grandma though. :)  The boys made us valentines, but I think Justin's was out of obligation since we gave him one.

I think Ryan put a bit more effort into his valentine than J did.
I guess if J had changed his mind he could just replace the sticky note
and give the heart to someone else.
This has been a pretty good week.  We are all pretty much over the crud and getting back to normal.  We still cough a lot, but we are able to sleep at night and have been fever free.  I think Monday was my last day with a fever.  We are also hopeful that spring is on the way.  On Friday it got up to 60 degrees.  It has been nice to be able to enjoy being outside again.  It's cool enough in the mornings that the boys need coats going to school, but they don't in the afternoons when they are running around.

Ryan soaking up a little sun

 Things even went well with grocery delivery this week.  They had everything that the website said they had and didn't have to call me to make adjustments to my delivery.  Bread, eggs, milk...  Of course they were out of chicken, but at least I knew that so I didn't try to order it.

Coke Zero from Poland.  Perhaps I can now choose between Coke Light and Coke Zero.
They had lettuce in the store!  Good thing it is for tacos and not
main course salad because you can see you don't get much in a bunch!

 One night (morning?) I woke up about 4:45 to go to the bathroom and Ryan was already up and playing in his room.  I have no idea how long he had been up.  He took a 20 minute nap later that day.  Miraculously, he still went to bed around the usual time.  I was afraid he would think that 20 minutes meant he should be up until midnight.

Someone had a rough night and an early morning.

Justin checked out one of the Captain Underpants books from the school library.  Both boys enjoy the flip-o-rama action on some of the pages.  I pulled out a book that Meredith had given us and they enjoyed that too.  Obviously not quite as much because it didn't involve lunch lady zombies or a guy in underwear and a cape.
Both boys enjoyed flipping through the book.

Meredith gave us this book a few years ago
 A quiet Saturday with sleeping in (for me) while the boys enjoyed some wii time.  Later we went outside to enjoy the nice weather and play with the stomp rocket Justin got for Christmas. 

Monday, February 10, 2014

February 9, 2014

It has been a couple of weeks since I have posted.  Nothing too exciting has happened, but I realize that I really need to write.  With the start of the Olympics, I was telling Justin about some of his "gymnastic routines" that he did when we watched the Olympics on TV in Idaho with my parents.  Now Rob laughed that I didn't even know if gymnastics was a summer or a winter event. I don't think it is so hysterical because it isn't like they are outside.  Why can't they do gymnastics in the winter?  I get skiing is winter, track and field is summer, but gymnastics?  Anyway, Justin was asking questions about it including how old he was and I had no idea.  I was able to refer back to my blog and not only answer all of his questions, but show him a video clip.

Now as I was reading it, I cringed at how poorly I write on my blog.  I generally write as I am sitting watching TV before going to bed.  I don't proofread or put much effort into it.  I have realized that that doesn't matter too much, as long as I get things down.  If I really want, I can SOMEDAY edit things and do it right.  To be honest, I don't care enough to do a "good" blog.  This is for my mom primarily and, as I have learned, my failing memory.  So, here are the recent events of my life, dull as they may be.

My birthday is probably the big event of the post.  The boys were SO excited for my birthday to come.  They called many secret meetings to plan and ask questions.  The code word was "Bakugan" and they would tell Rob that they wanted to have some Bakugan time up in Justin's room and make sure that I knew I was uninvited.  Rob tried to explain that generally adults aren't as excited about birthdays as children are.  The way Justin sees it, I should be MORE excited about my birthdays than he is about his.  After all, he is a child and still has many birthdays to look forward to while I am old and don't have too many more left.  Better enjoy them while I can I guess.

The boys, especially Ryan, were a bit distraught that I was making my own cake.  I reassured them that it was fine.  I told them that I wanted a very special pineapple upside down cake and I was the only one who knew how to make it.  I had no birthday presents from them, so I found things in the closet that Rob could help them wrap for me.  It isn't like I didn't have things on the way, just not here in time.  There really isn't a place for the boys to go shopping for things I might like, so they got to give me something at least.  Rob had the day before my birthday off from work, so he made pizza with enough to have leftovers.  Pizza and pineapple upside down cake.  What else could I want?

I was also able to talk with both my brother and my sister. :)  I generally talk to my mom each week (and sometimes Dad pokes his head in to say something), but not so much with my brother and sister.

Forgot to take any birthday shots with the cake or anything,
but here is one shot of me with Ryan on my birthday.
 Justin has been working on shapes in school and the boys have become more interested in playing with the pattern blocks.  It's fun to have pattern blocks and some 3D shapes for Justin to use to teach Ryan.  They play school, though when it is time for Ryan to be the teacher things don't go well for long.  I suppose I should be glad that Justin is a good student in real school at least.
My birthday packages did finally arrive.  We also got a box of clothes that Nathan's boys had outgrown.  My boys love getting hand me down clothes from their cousins.  Ryan wanted me to take a picture of him wearing this hoodie.  There is one Cars hockey style shirt that the boys both claim as theirs.  Funny since neither of them like the movie.  Guess the shirt is just that cool.  It fits them both, so I just need to remember to rotate which drawer it gets placed in so they get equal opportunity with it.

Ryan continues to enjoy school.  Here he is playing outside while I wait to take him home.  He wanted just five more minutes.  Some things never change.  I think he would be happy enough to go there all day everyday.  Three mornings a week is enough for me.  Next year he will be a kindergartener and I will be home alone all day.

On the last day of January, Justin got to go to a birthday party for his friend Ani.  They live nearby so he was able to walk to her house after school with the other children from his class.  Unfortunately, I forgot to tell him that he was allowed to eat at the party.  Now I tend to think that is a given, which is why I forgot to mention it to him.  Cake was served, and he said he didn't know if he was allowed to eat it or not.  Ani's mother decided to call me to see if he had allergies.  Wouldn't you know that she called at the exact moment I was taking out the trash!  I didn't hear the phone, nor did Ryan mention that I had missed a call.  I rarely receive phone calls, so I didn't think to check.  I noticed the missed call shortly before I went to pick him up.  Justin was able to bring a piece of cake home, but he was a bit upset that he missed out on treats at the party.  Sigh.  We went over the concept that if I give permission for him to go to a birthday party, he has permission to eat food there.  He has even been to Ani's house before and it isn't like her mother is a stranger by any means.  Sigh.

Saturday was a bit better for Justin.  Charlie came over for a play date.  The three boys played nicely. Of course they really wanted to play outside since it was sunny.  They didn't seem to care that there was a biting wind.  I went to get the basketballs for them, and the garage door from the house to the garage broke.  Great.  At least the Embassy takes care of all of those issues for us, but still a pain.  The basketballs needed more air.  They decided playing kickball with me would be awesome.  I froze to death as they enjoyed making me play against the three of them.  At least I got my exercise for the day.  Usually I would love to have Charlie stay forever, but since I was outside and very cold I was happy when it was time for us to take him home.

We got in the car and dropped him off before heading to the church to help clean it.  There were plenty of us, so it didn't take very long.  We decided to go to KFC for lunch since we were already in the city.  The boys love KFC and it is easy to park nearby, something that I wanted to be able to do because of the bitter wind.

I liked this "STUFF ONLY" door.  There were much funnier signs
in China so I am not sure why this one amused me so much.
 KFC was, well KFC.  When that is your fast food choice it is amazing how great it can be.  They played KFC commercials on TVs around the restaurant.  The commercials were from different countries and advertised products that aren't available here.  Odd to see items and currencies that aren't consistent with where you are.  I also realized that KFC is a Pepsi serving restaurant in the US.  All of the commercials showed combos with Pepsi and Pepsi products, yet here I was in Armenia with my Coke Light.  Huh.

After lunch we went to Yum Yum Doughnuts so Rob and the boys could get a doughnut.  I am a Krispy Kreme person and that isn't an option, so I saved the calories for junk we had at home that I would actually enjoy.

I love Ryan's bug eyes when he is trying to do puppy dog eyes.
 That evening when Justin was getting ready to bathe, he became suddenly hysterical about the possibility of a scorpion climbing into the bath water with him.  Yeah, I think scorpions often climb up the walls of bath tubs and plop into the water so they can make it over to a small boy and sting him.  He was getting all worked up about scorpions and it wasn't like we could say that there aren't scorpions here, because there are.  We haven't found any in our house, but some people have.  We reassured him that in the unlikely event of a bath tub scorpion attack, we would be able to treat it.  He wasn't convinced that the medicine and cold pack would be good enough.  We googled to show him pictures to see what the scorpions here look like.  Wouldn't you know that one of the first hits was how a five year old Armenian girl died from a scorpion sting!  We didn't show that to him.  I wisely didn't tell him all of the things he should worry about more than scorpions.

Reading over Rob's shoulder, Justin saw an ad about credit scores.  He, of course, wanted to know what a credit score was.  That led to all sorts of financial questions including whether or not we were rich.  How much money would we need to be rich?  What are our assets?  What are we saving?  Since this is the same boy who wanted to know if he got our money when we die, I am hesitant to make him think we have any!  So glad we can add financial worries to the boy who worries about everything under the sun.

The first full week in February was also fairly routine.  Rob recorded the Super Bowl so he wouldn't have to get up in the middle of the night to watch it.  He took the Monday off and watched it.  While his Seattle Seahawks won, he said that the game wasn't very excited to watch.

Justin had a playdate with his friend, Nathan.  Nathan and his family have moved to our neighborhood so now we live closer.  He is busy though with many extracurricular activities so Justin doesn't get to play with him as often as he would probably like.  School interferes so much with his life, poor boy.

Ryan had an extra day at preschool because two students were celebrating their birthdays.  They went all out for a school celebration.  They had pizza, cake, and other treats.  There were balloons and a professional photographer.  I was even requested to pick him up later than usual that day.  I was able to make valentines cookies without any helpers.

Friday I made some valentines chocolates, but that was not quite as successful.  I learned that my spatula did not stand up to being in the microwave with melting chocolate.  It meant a whole batch of chocolate had to be thrown out. 

A storm and later a mistake meant that I got to talk to my sister twice.  I realized how much I miss her and how fun it is to get to talk to her.  One of her few faults is that she doesn't live closer.

I have included a few pictures of the things the boys have done lately.  I have not done anything with my other blog since May of last year.  I have found several pictures and will go about posting them to the blog, though they will not necessarily be in any order.  Ryan especially has done some cute things in preschool that I want to put up.  I don't know if they will be of use to others, but it will help me remember some of the cute ideas.

The boys have been into Playmobil again.  I don't even mind playing
that with them.

Ages 7 and up?  Rob begs to differ!

The boys love watching the glitter move around in
the tornado water bottle.

Paper airplane making has taken over the dining room.