Saturday, March 24, 2012

March 24, 2012

Oops!  My life has been so incredibly exciting (not!) that I seemed to have completely skipped writing about last week.  I remember last Sunday thinking that I should write about the week, but wasn't sure what to write about.  So there you have it!
Not that this week has been very exciting to write about either.  Justin and Ryan have actually been sleeping better, which is nice.  Better is a relative term though.  They have been sleeping until almost 5:00 AM.  Ryan has once or twice gotten up before 4:00 AM, but I have been able to get him to go back to sleep for a bit.

I have also been trying to excerice with the wii fit.  It has me on a four time a week schedule.  Ryan has been my faithful exercise companion.  It gives a bit of an extra challenge with him trying to follow my movements while standing almost right on top of me.  I wish I enjoyed it as much as he seems to.  I would probably be in better shape if I did.

Justin wants a baby sister and has been praying that he can have one.  He has commented that it looks like I am getting bigger so maybe I have a baby sister growing inside of me.  Nice.

Now it is March 24th and I still haven't finished this entry or posted anything.  Perhaps I can catch up.

We continue to have the boys' swimming lessons twice a week.  Some days they do well, some days they do not.  Estelle tried to test them to see if they could get their next badge.  As soon as she told them that, Justin had to go to the bathroom.  It went downhill from there.  He didn't even want to get into the pool.  He cried, complained, and refused to even try some of the things she asked him to do.  They are things that he CAN do or she wouldn't have asked him to do it.  Justin is afraid to fail in front of people.  By refusing to try, he cannot fail.  Estelle is so patient.  She said that she will try again with him in segments, not telling him it was part of his test until AFTER he succeeds.  Ryan wasn't thrilled with the part that required him to float on his back.  That is something that he absolutely hates, but he did it for 20 seconds so he passed that part.  He and Justin are both Level 2 Tadpoles now.  As soon as Justin gets his act together he will be a Level 4.

We have our weekly Tuesday playgroup.  Sometimes the kids play better than others.  The boys will definitely miss the kids when we move.  I will miss the moms.  It is amazing how much better it is in a place when there are people you enjoy spending time with.  We are very different people and our worlds mostly revolve around the kids, but it is nice to have grown-ups to talk with during the day.  It is also nice to see others also have good days and bad days raising their children.  Next year Justin will be starting school too!

I received an upsetting e-mail from my brother on March 11th.  My dad was out of town on a planned trip for a ham radio contest when he unexpectedly became very ill quite suddenly.  He was taken to the hospital and had to be flown to a larger hospital where he was in ICU because of sepsis.  Being so far away from family made it a long few days.  My dad is back at home and recovering.  I am grateful for my family and I am thankful for everyone who stepped up to help them.

Probably the highlight of the month so far has been St Patrick's Day.  I had no idea that the boys would enjoy the books I had so much.  They became interested in leprechauns and wanted to build leprechaun traps.  Justin asked if leprechauns were real or not.  I told him that I did not think they were, but that some people believe they are.  He asked me to check online.  As soon as I got to the computer, he told me to stop.  He figured if I looked up the answer and found out they were not real, they couldn't make traps. 

They made traps out of legos, blocks, baskets, cans, toy ladders, paper, and just about anything they could find in the playroom.  They used shiny trinkets I provided to try to lure the leprechauns.  On St Patrick's Day they did not find any leprechauns in the traps, but found some small green "footprints" in some places.  They found some of the legos rearranged to build an escape ladder from one of the traps.  They also discovered the first clue of a treasure hunt which ended with a treat from Pete the Leprechaun.  Justin has decided that Ryan was right, leprechauns must be real!

March 21st was Namibian Independence Day.  It is nice to have a holiday in the middle of the week so Rob can be home.  He took the boys out to a friend's house for a bike ride and I got to sleep in longer than I have in a very long, long time.

I have been trying to go through things to organize them or sort to get rid of them by donating, selling, or throwing them away. I don't know where we will be going next, but we won't have a house as big as we do here.  Besides, it is nice to get rid of things we don't need or use.  The boys, however, disagree.  I try to do my sorting while they are having their quiet time because otherwise they want to keep everything.

Hmm, looks like I am now ahead.  I might not have to write for a week.  Better try to find something worth writing about. :)