Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Justin, Justin, What Do You Read?

Here is Justin with one of his favorite books. He "read" it the entire time I was in the shower and still wasn't done with it. He was so cute that I decided to catch a cute clip. Of course by the time I get the camera and everything he was pretty much done. Oh well. He is still pretty cute.

Saturday, October 06, 2007


Recently I decided that Justin "needed" a costume for his first Halloween. I came to that realization in Target when he started staring at a tiger costume. I showed him some other costumes too, but the tiger one seemed to be what caught his eye. It was on sale too, how could I resist? The sad thing is that the previous week I purchased him a winter coat and spent less on it than I did on the tiger costume. I anticipate that he will get more use out of the coat than the costume. (Thus far he has worn the costume more often. He thinks that the tiger baby in the mirror is adorable. I agree!)

In all fairness, his winter coat was under $10. It is a Carter's brand from last year and I got it on clearance at Ross. Somehow I thought it was silly to spend over $30 on a winter coat he will wear one season when I could get one for less. No point in getting a Halloween costume for him after Halloween. Though he wouldn't know the difference... Does it really matter when the pictures of baby's first Halloween are taken as long as he believes they were taken on his first Halloween?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

It's Been Too Long!
October 2, 2007

Okay, I know it has been absolutely forever since I have written. I have a million excuses including that my computer was packed in China and took four weeks to get to Idaho and when it DID arrive I was in Los Angeles. Couldn't I use a different computer you may ask? Well, yes. That is why I have a million excuses. Some are better than others. Rather than get into that though I will post some pictures and tell the tale of Noodles, Rob, and Monster Baby's move.

We left China and arrived in Idaho after many, many hours of travel. Justin is a good traveler, but even so he requires a lot of extra gear to haul around. I didn't get to enjoy business class the way I would like to since I was holding him and trying to keep him happy or asleep for the majority of the time. The only bad time he really had was when we sat on the plane in Beijing waiting to take off. We were on the plane for almost 2 hours before we finally got to get off the ground. Since they kept saying five more minutes or ten more minutes I kept the poor kid strapped into his car seat which he hated.

Spent a little bit of time in Idaho. My brother, Nathan, came with his family. The three small kids were like toys for Justin. What could entertain better than a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 20 month old? My sister, Meredith, was also here. Full house! Sometimes it was a bit overwhelming for Justin. Sometimes it was overwhelming for me too!

Then it was off to California. Visited some of Rob's friends in the Oakland area over the weekend. It was fun for me to finally meet them and Justin was a hit with their kids. We got to see the Oscar Meyer weinermobile too. What vacation would be complete without that?

From there it was down to the Los Angeles area. We got to see Rob's mom, his dad and stepmother, and his brother. LA area means a lot of time in the car! We also got to see our friend June (we knew her in Shenyang, China) one evening. It was nice to see her and catch up a bit. Justin got to go on his first zoo trip with us and Grandma and Grandpa Weber. He liked flamingos, monkeys, ducks, giraffes, and the other kids.

My sister, Meredith, got down to her new place in Santa Barbara while we were in Southern California. She has made the move from Brooklyn, NY to sunny California to work on her PhD at UCSB. We were able to spend some time with her and get her better settled in. Justin got to see the ocean for the first time. He LOVED it! We had trouble keeping hom out of the water. He loved the sand in all it's many textures and loved crawling towards the waves. World's biggest bathtub!

From California it was back to Idaho. We went for a walk on the famous Coeur d'Alene floating boardwalk and then to the city park. Justin liked the swings.
Rob had to leave after a week to go back to work. Justin and I will catch up at the end of the month. We miss him, but Grandma and Grandpa's house sure beats a hotel room!