Friday, August 10, 2007

Ducks and Popsicles
The baby tub was just too small for my poor Monster Baby. The way he is always trying to crawl or stand in the big tub just wasn't working for me. He was all over the place and it took so much energy to keep him from going under or hurting himself that I couldn't wash him. Target is the best! I ordered this duck tub. It will be great for our travels this summer too. My baby has a comfy tub that can travel with him.
The tub really comes in handy after Daddy has a popsicle. Guess who insists on sharing? Yep, Monster Baby takes over the popsicle and makes a mess. He sure does love it. Can you say sugar? It probably feels good on his gums too. I like him chewing on the popsicle instead of my shoulder. I have bruises that make it look like I have been attacked by a wild animal. I swear if these newest teeth don't come in soon I am going to go crazy!