Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Justin is growing and changing everyday. Whether it is using the word "ow" (and not quite understanding it) or pretending to be a dinosaur, he is on the go constantly!

Poor child is growing so fast that I never know from one day to the next if his clothes will fit. Sometimes I think he eats more than I do at meals. I wonder if he will be like this as a teenager?

Spare (still no good nickname for the new baby and I am over halfway to my due date) and Justin are already at each other. I swear Justin tries to get me right in the belly whenever possible. That gets Spare moving around like some sort of acrobat. Once he gets a little bigger he will probably start kicking back at Justin. I wonder if Justin will say "ow" then?

Friday, July 25, 2008

We spent some time in Portland visiting my brother and his family.

Justin loves playing Dance Dance Revolution on the Wii. His older cousins are good about giving him and their little brother a turn. They don't always stay on the mat (in fact sometimes the "babies" get a Twister mat to dance on and don't know the difference), but they have a blast dancing just like the big kids.

He also enjoys Ring Around The Rosey. Somehow with his cousins it is more entertaining than when Mom and Dad try to play it with him. Cousins don't tire as quickly either.

We went to the OMSI and he loved the dinosaurs. I swear he could have stayed there for hours. Mom isn't up to very long trips though. Luckily my brother and his family have a pass so it is free :) That means we don't have to stay long and try to get our money's worth. They have a zoo pass too. They went to the zoo, but I stayed home and rested that day. It was nice to have Justin out of the house for awhile.

It can be so hard to get decent pictures or video clips of the Muzz. As soon as he sees the camera, that is all that he wants. Of course if you haven't had time to get a picture or a video clip of him there is nothing for him to see yet.

Sometimes you can sneak up on him a little, like when he is busy helping his dinosaurs drive around in cars. They can be bad drivers sometimes. I have learned to stay clear of them.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grandma and Grandpa's House

Justin is enjoying himself at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma takes such good care of him and they have a lot of fun together. He enjoys playing with his water table on the back deck.

He also enjoys playing in the sprinklers. He ends up looking like a drowned rat, but I think he is still cute, especially when he decides to pick something special for Mommy.

He likes to see exactly what he can and can't get away with. He loves standing on his little car toy. Probably because he can sense that I don't like it, but I don't stop him from doing it. There can only be so many rules for a little boy when he is 18 months old. Yes, he will probably fall sometime. He trips over his own feet now and again. Falling and getting hurt seem to be part of his daily (hourly?) life. He is an active one!

He does sleep sometimes, and boy are those moments priceless! Isn't he cute?